Air Chex Corporation

Truck and Bus 'Tire Pressure Verification System' TM

How To purchase Air Chex

Air Chex is sold in multiples of 4 (or per axle) only. We do not maintain an ‘E’ commerce store front, therefore all orders must be either called in, or initiated by email. The reason for this method is you need to select the proper hose length for your vehicle.

How do you determine this?

Easy. When you order arrives, there will be no usable hoses included. Instead, you will receive a set of color banded hoses with each color denoting a length. Using these different ‘sizing’ hoses you will find which length works best for you, and then call or email us the number of each color you need. We then ship out the correct lengths for you to be able to install your Air Chex properly.

We have found this to be the most sensible and expedient method to help you outfit your vehicle.

Included is a ‘bent’ hose. The elbow section is plated copper and may be bent up to about 20 deg. in any direction, for those valves that point a little high or low. The objective is to have the hose meet the back fitting of the Air Chex

Air Chex will fit at least 95% of every diameter wheel, from 16 to 24 inch.

Air Chex Corporation

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