Installation Tips

Step 2  Determine the correct length of hose to use so that the Air Chex will be located inboard from the edge of the wheel. The inner hump is the best place.

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Step 3  Attach the hose to the tire valve. Warm the area to about 75 degrees. Of course, in warmer weather you need not do this.

Step 1  Determine location for each Air Chex. Clean the area well and rinse with clean water. The mounting tape must have a clean surface to gain maximum holding power.


Step 4  Reattach the Air Chex (with mounting shoe slid into place) to the hose. Peel away the 3M release liner and push into position on the wheel. That is all there is too it!

Step 5 Ideally, Air Chex should be mounted at as close to opposite each other (or 180 deg.) as possible. This 5 hand hold wheel shows the Air Chex at about 160 degrees. This is satisfactory. Wheel balance will not be affected.

It is also advisable to install a hose support as shown. This will prevent centrifugal force from causing the hose to droop and pull down on the back of the Air Chex.

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