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Below are two test result charts which clearly demonstrate a significant drop in MPG as tire pressure decreases. The findings are not exactly equal, but both clearly show a loss of about 1% fuel economy with tires that are only 10 lbs under inflated.

An average truck travels 125,000 miles per year. At diesel prices of $3.50 per gallon, and an optimistic average of 6 miles per gallon, it costs $72,915.00 to fuel that truck each year. A 1.0% loss is $729.00 wasted due to the increased rolling resistance of under-inflated tires.

Many truckers drop off a heavy load and must return empty. They should adjust tire pressures downward if running light. But it just isnít practical to spend 30 minutes each time this happens. Even though it would increase tire life and fuel economy, and benefit handling and safety, most operators do not do it. With Air-Chex this neglected task can be performed daily if need be. And quickly.