Air Chex Corporation

Truck and Bus 'Tire Pressure Verification System' TM

Air-Chex is a bus, truck, tractor, and trailer tire air pressure monitor/verification and maintenance system*. Easily obtain accurate truck or bus dual tire pressures from a few feet away, drastically reducing tire pressure check time or walk-arounds from 20-30 minutes to less than 2 minutes. Airing up the inner dual-tires can be done easily right from Air-Chex's unique triple seal flow thru valve . Save fuel, tire wear and tear, and time. Get extra life from retreads. For 16" - 24" wheels. Will easily pay for itself in only months, and continue to save fuel, labor, and tire wear, maintenance free, year after year. No batteries that die after 9 months, no seals to wear out, and no piggy-backing on compressor systems that were designed exclusively for braking. Air-Chex is easily removed from the permanently attached low profile mounting shoe and does not interfere with tire/wheel service. Extra shoes are supplied to allow Air-Chex to be moved from wheel to wheel quickly.  Unlike most TPMS systems on the market today, Air Chex can be used on all dual tired axles whether driven or free wheeling.



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Features and Benefits