Air Chex Corporation

Truck and Bus 'Tire Pressure Verification System' TM

With 104 tires rolling, and 600 miles from any service facility, Air Chex sure could benefit this operator.

About Us

Air Chex Corporation is a company that manufactures a product that saves time, saves fuel, and enhances the safety of every vehicle that uses it. The Air Chex is a common sense approach to tire life management. While other companies use hi-tech approaches that often fall short of expectations, Air Chex does the job, simply and inexpensively. Once you have them installed, and we hear this all the time, our customers can never go back to the 'old way'. And since using Air Chex is as easy as looking at it, no hi-tech device on the market now, can offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what your tire pressure is at any time, just by looking. You really can check your tire pressure while drinking your coffee!

Air Chex Corporation

50 Lydecker St.

Nyack, NY 10960

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Phone: 845-358-8179